Welcome to my tower!

Hiyo everyone, and welcome to my not-so-humble home! My name is Eviora (pronounced Ee-vee-or-ah), or just Evi (pronounced Ee-vee) for short. You can also just call me Amy if you want.

This tower is just brimming with neat spells to make your stay relaxing, so I hope you are comfortable! Since this post is my first ever, I have a lot of stuff to say.

Guess I should start by introducing myself. I’m a writer and currently in the beta-reader phase of writing my first book, The Sapphire of Sacrifice. It is an urban fantasy novel about an immortal woman named Rivia who has to save a modern (and fictional) city called Routley from an enormous, scary-looking demon who is widely referred to as Pestilence. Pestilence has erected a barrier of deadly fog around Routley on top of flooding the streets with the same fatal gas. To make matters worse, the fog within is slowly rising, which ensures the eventual death of everyone in the city – unless someone is able to stop Pestilence.

Rivia’s goal is to acquire a gem – the titular sapphire – and use the power infused in it to defeat Pestilence – but in order to succeed, she’ll need the help of some of Routley’s survivors. Further, she must remain wary of Aevyriel, a disembodied entity who has long resided in her mind and who is ultimately responsible for Routley’s endangered state.

But I guess that’s enough about my book for now. Other relevant facts about me: I live in Massachusetts, and am a fan of all sorts of creative media, from novels to video games to anime and movies. And I plan on talking about some of that stuff! So, going forward, here are some things you can expect from this blog:

  • I plan to discuss the stories I am most passionate about. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a reviewer, though. You see, despite generally being a pessimist, I tend to appreciate each story I experience for its best qualities, and I find it natural to look past certain flaws that might ruin the story for others. So, my goal is to let everyone know which stories I love, why I love them, what flaws I see in them, and how I am able to accept those flaws and enjoy the stories anyway.
  • Since work on my novel is an ongoing process, I intend to share my struggles and successes with all of you. And, while I can’t consider myself a pro writer yet, since I haven’t published anything, I’m totally willing to share my opinions about writing with those who ask.
  • Occasionally, I may post discussing aspects of my life unrelated to writing.
  • There are other things I’d like to share as well – anything from random thoughts to weird dreams or other interesting experiences I’ve had! In my next update, I think I’ll get a bit philosophical, and explain why my tower is one of story. The answer is definitely not as simple as ‘because I like talking about stories!’

If anyone is reading this, feel free to post your comments! I’d be happy to take questions, constructive criticism, or anything else nice like that! By the way, sorry my site is so plain for the moment – I’m totally new to website management, so I still need to figure a lot out. I intend to work on this site a lot in the coming days!

Anyway, if anyone has read my whoooole post, thanks a ton! I hope to see you again soon~


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my tower!

  1. Such a lovely intro! I’m eager to read more about your work and whatever you want to talk about, Evi. Don’t worry, I’m sure your tower will look and feel very comfortable soon. And I’m eager to read your explanation on why it’s a tower “of story”~

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